Roswalt Heights - Chembur, Mumbai

  • Photo © HSA

A luxurious lifestyle is not just about magnificence. It is a sublime state of mind. It is a feeling that offers a beautiful picture of your destination from the rest. Homes at Roswalt Heights are well designed to match up to the consumers grandeur with additional amenities. Designed aesthetically, it is an expression of freedom that towers above the landscape. Every apartment here has a share of visual treats overseeing the city. With its sheer presence, a resident at Roswalt heights could transcend you to the seventh heaven.

Design Concept
The concept for Roswalt Heights was a modern soaring tower that would become the central focal point, welcoming all who approach it. In a symbolic way, it should become the landmark of that particular surrounding. It was important to relate Roswalt Heights to the cultural and indigenous character of the surrounding. In order to achieve this, it was mandatory to think out of the box. So we came up with the idea of amalgamation of traditional and modern architecture in a conventional manner. We covered podium parking with a wrap around band and horizontal louvers, thus making elevation of the building look more authentic. The crown of the building is having a double height gymnasium with clear glass façade, forming the base of the crown. The treatment of wooden boxing on the elevation façade adds warmth to the otherwise contemporary designed building.