anjuna hotel, goa

  • Photo © HSA

Anjuna Hotel takes you back in time with the typical Portuguese style reinterpreted in the modern setting at a prime location with heritage structures surrounding the hotel offering the guests a local flavor with an influence of contemporary design.

Design Concept
Taking inspiration from the context, the hotel is blend of the typical Portuguese style with a touch of modern style. Facing the front edge of a main road in Anjuna, the feature of the Gateway on that particular façade facing the road signifies a feeling of warmth and welcome. Not only the gateway on the façade but also active paces such as the coffee shop and swimming pool at the ground level form a visual connect between the main road and the activities within the hotel influencing on to discover more spaces within the hotel.
Anjuna Hotel features 30 rooms all of which enveloped under the local materials such as laterite bricks and the use of features such as brackets enhancing architectural elements such as opening and gateways.