Tejaswini Pundit

Tejaswini Pandit

With an experience of over 14 years in Architecture, Tejaswini has a keen interest in developing the designs & taking the projects to completion & understanding of concepts & trends in architecture. The ever evolving forms, applications and their features have always kept her interest consistent in the field.

Since joining HSA in 2007 she is responsible for a wide range of program types and scale of projects from a house to large scale mixed used development. In her work she follows projects through the full process of design, from concept to completion. She has been involved with the firm’s most complex projects, overseeing the design and implementation for a variety of building types.

She has always been enthusiastic about the work given to her & has completed the same with a zeal to succeed. She is a Team Player & works hand in hand with the people & has always taken her members to heights.

Excellent in personal interactions & dealing with people. She has been significant in contributing to the company due to the Aura of positivity & the zeal to succeed.